How to find out your fnb account number

how to find out your fnb account number

FNB has nearly branch locations and more than ATMs conveniently located How do I find my routing transit number (RTN) or ABA routing number? Our community bank provides friendly, attentive customer service and offer a wide variety of financial services — so you can address all your financial. We know that our customers are busy and can't always balance their check book, make a transfer or just check an account balance during regular business hours.

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how to find out your fnb account number

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  1. I think the same way when I see something like this. Here's what I know pertaining to how it's legit/possible to operate:

  2. fstemick - What you have to understand is although you do dial the same number it gets routed to different call centers. It two years my call has been sent to India, the Philippines & Mexico. Something I ALWAYS do when I call is ask to be transferred back to the US.

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