How to send an e transfer through rbc

how to send an e transfer through rbc

Until now, sending an Interac e-Transfer required the recipient's email address or a mobile phone number. Now, through the app, a client selects. Get set up through online banking and use Interac e-Transfer and its features Autodeposit and Request Money to exchange Canadian funds with anyone with an. To start a new transfer, click on the Move Money tab at the top of our website. Click Select for “A Bank Account”. Your RBC bank accounts should.

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How to Send and Receive an INTERAC e-transfer or Email Money Transfer - RBC Edition

How to send an e transfer through rbc -

Some popular options for remittances are: Banks. If the intended recipient has not accepted the transfer within 30 days, you will be notified that the payment has expired and will have the option to reclaim the funds. Click Transfers and choose Pending Interac e-Transfers Find the transfer you wish to cancel and click the Cancel button on the right. To request a stop payment: Select the link under the Status column for the transfer in question to view further details. Select the OK button. When a cheque is being sent to the recipient to pay a CertaPay Transfer.
how to send an e transfer through rbc

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