Is it safe to email my bank statements

is it safe to email my bank statements

Conveniently send your bank account statement to your desired embassy for an easier visa application. Once your statement is ready, we will notify you via email. Simply log in to online banking to access your current and past statements. Secure. Do not use links in emails or text messages that appear to take you to your bank's website. Check you have a secure connection, which is shown by a closed.
is it safe to email my bank statements

Is it safe to email my bank statements -

Send feedback to the editorial team Rate this Article. To comply with laws, guidelines and regulations that govern the financial services in the country. Online statements are arranged in date order, starting with your most recently issued statement at the top of the list. Review the deposits listed on your bank statement to ensure they match up to your records. How to opt-in using online banking Log in to online banking and: choose the account you wish to receive paperless statements for by selecting 'View account' select 'Paperless' under 'Account actions' read the on screen message and select 'OK'. If your online banking allows you to download the statement then it is likely to give you a better result. Statement period dates. Keep the names of people you speak with, along with the date and time. Tap Statements to see your latest statement and previous statements To make a quick payment tap Payment options. There is no charge to receive statements online. We use information to : Open and administer your accounts and to protect your records and funds While some procedures are required by Central, State laws or RBI regulations, we have implemented additional procedures to maintain accurate, current, and complete financial information, including processes to update information and remove outdated information. Follow the Change your statement preferences instructions below. These e-statements provide customers with the ability to access, download and print their statement wherever they have internet is it safe to email my bank statements.

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