Does gmail have receipt confirmation

does gmail have receipt confirmation

You have to create an email for your recipient as you do usually. How do I get a read receipt in Gmail without recipient knowing? Do you have a favorite method of confirmation? Please drop any recommendations in the comments box below. “Power User” columnist Vivian Manning. If your co-workers aren't professional enough to respond to emails without the threat of a read receipt hanging over them, you should.

Does gmail have receipt confirmation -

You might find yourself muting the desktop alerts especially if you send out a lot of emails , but even with the alerts muted, this tool is a worthy extension for anyone needing to stay on top of their business communication through Gmail or Inbox. Go into your Gmail account. It requires absolutely nothing from them. In fact, there are probably a bunch in your mail right now that you aren't aware of. It works with both free and Google Workspace Gmail accounts. Click the down-caret and, if read receipts are available on your account, select the option in the pop-up.
does gmail have receipt confirmation

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