What account is petty cash fund

what account is petty cash fund

anticipated closure date must be included with the request to open a petty cash account on a Petty. Cash Fund Request/Change Form. Custodian; Reconciler (may not be the custodian of any petty cash account of have any access to the funds except during the reconciliation. Petty cash management is a recordkeeping system to track the use of petty cash funds. Petty cash reconciliation is the process of verifying.
what account is petty cash fund

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what account is petty cash fund
The responsibilities of generating the what account is petty cash fund order and receiving the inventory should be separated among two different people. Cashier Services will notify the Custodian when a decision is made regarding the establishment of a new fund. Request parking coupons or contact UBC Parking for more information at parking. Each unit must complete the Annual Finance Certification Questionnaire in which units are asked "If your unit has a Petty Cash balance, has there been a 'petty cash count' at least once during the year together with confirmation that the custodian is actively managing the security of the cash? Replenish Funds When Low With active spending, the amount of petty cash will eventually diminish, and the funds should be replenished to support more purchases.

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